Message from the Director

Miki Haseyama(Director)

At our university we opened a female researcher support room in 2006, and through independent projects and three female researcher support projects, we have established an environment for female researchers’ career continuation, adoption of female teachers in science, agriculture and engineering fields We have promoted efforts to increase the number of female researchers, including training.

As a result,the number and proportion of female teachers in the past 10 years have increased constantly, including the increase from 209 people, 9.2% (2008.1.1) to 345 people, 13.8% (2017.1.1) We are.

With the increase in the number of people, diversification progresses among female researchers, and the challenges individuals face in career development are diversifying.

In addition, many of the female researchers hired and recruited so far have reached the stage of career advancement to the top position, and issues to be addressed newly are also born.

We consider this situation as the second phase of support for female researchers and we will work hard to make efforts such as visualization of issues and examination of measures to solve them.

We look forward to your continued understanding and cooperation in our office in order to promote diversification of research human resources and revitalize the education and research of university.